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Acupuncture involves the use of fine needles to achieve an electrophysiological response in your muscles. This response has been shown to relieve pain and spasms. It therefore follows that acupuncture suits patients with muscular aches that have trigger points or spots in the muscles that seem to be in ‘knots’, or the source of tightness. The local stimulation achieved by acupuncture is thought to release local factors through biofeedback. One of the advantages of having acupuncture means that you can have an alternative to tablets as way of addressing pain which many patients prefer. There is also evidence to show it is helpful in chronic nausea.

The conditions listed below have been studied in trials where Western Medical acupuncture has been found to be effective.
Back Pain
Knee/Hip Pain
Torticollis (wry neck)
Tense muscles from stress
Hot flushes (menopause)
Post operative pain and nausea

There are many other conditions where acupuncture has been reported by patients to be useful but good quality evidence trials are still awaited.

After you book a consultation will be carried out to assess your issues with the doctor. In some cases you will receive a phonecall from the doctor before your appointment. If acupuncture isn’t the right method in their clinical opinion, they can advise what may be the most appropriate avenue for you. Your doctor will also discuss with you whether a series of treatments (usually recommended) will be beneficial for your symptoms. Some ailments can be treated as a ‘one off’, but for other ailments a course more beneficial.

It is a relatively safe practice, but there can be small patches of redness where the needle has been inserted. These reactions are short lived.

For more information see the British Medical Journal, provided by the British Medical Acupuncture Society. Dr Sibel Peck and Dr Josson McConnell can offer western medical acupuncture for muscular aches and pains here at FACEmed.

If you wish to discuss an acupuncture treatment in more detail, please book a consultation at FACEmed here

Dr Jo Josson McConnell