Why is Botox®

on the increase for men?

The UK has seen a significant upsurge of men seeking Botox®

treatment for early signs of ageing which is not surprising in this world saturated by Instagram and Influencers. More and more skincare brands are responding to this increase by cultivating extensive ranges of male skincare so that men have more options when it comes to looking after themselves. It is a competitive world out there, studies suggest that younger looking men are more likely to be hired when up against a man of equivalent if not more experience for the same job!

That virile, energised look is important to men no matter how shallow it may seem to some.

What is the difference between male and female Botox®


‘There is an art to male Botox®

injections’ says Monica, Centre Principle. According to Monica, men have very different prominent features to women and it is important to ensure that the male features are not feminised during the process. The technique is different and a certain amount of movement should be allowed to avoid a ‘frozen’ look. It is important to research your practitioner to ensure that they are trained in the art of male ‘BROTOX’.

We asked two of our male patients why they are having ‘BROTOX’ and what effect this has had on their lives:

  • Scott, 32 — ‘I decided to have Botox® 6 years ago as I started to see deep lines on my forehead and very strong frown lines this made me very conscious as I was only 26, I now have so much more confidence in myself and my skin looks amazing, I have small amounts of fillers in my cheeks to keep a fresh smile and the occasional face peel to replenish my skin, Monica Berrangé keeps me looking good and fresh faced’.
  • David, 40 — ‘I chose to have Botox® to keep me looking younger. Botox®is an amazing product and I would highly recommend it. Monica at FACEmed is brilliant and the best in the business’.

Monica Berrangé

Centre Principal and

non-surgical practitioner