Unfortunately, those that have them are often the last to realise how much their natural look has been altered with repeated treatments over time.

Your lips are the most sensitive, delicate and sensual part of your entire body. Too much filler in the lip and around the mouth area can cause a change in your natural smile and alter the natural movement of the lips when you talk.

A Lip treatment should provide a harmonious balance in rapport with your facial features so that you feel better about the way you look. To get a more attractive and balanced lip augmentation the lip border, the philtrum, the cupid’s bow, corner of the mouth and tip of the nose angle must be considered throughout the treatment plan.

Young patients want full lips and often bring pictures of celebrities or models with the hope of achieving the same look. It is essential to remember that the end result will very much depend on the natural look of the lip and by trying to change that too much, will result in a imbalanced looking mouth which will not compliment the rest of the face. Sometimes it might take a few treatments over 12 months to achieve the desired result.

Older patients prefer to be able to put lipstick on without it bleeding into the vertical lip lines. Usually they want to restore the natural look from a decade or so ago and regain some fullness and shape lost over time. All this can be achieved over couple of planned sessions with correct placement of the right product.

There is no one general filler that is suitable for every treatment, every facial area, or for every individual. Patient satisfaction and the final treatment outcome depends on the product choice, placement technique, and the individual’s response to treatment.

Permanent versus Non-Permanent Filler:

If we are to consider facial aesthetics in relation to the aging process then we know that facial shape, form and volume changes with age. In this case we may want to adapt our facial features periodically to the ever changing aesthetic needs of the face. Also we may want to consider the fact that what we find aesthetically pleasing today may not be aesthetically pleasing in 10 years’ time. Perhaps we may want to have a plumper look now but later on we may find that less volume is more suitable for our ever-changing face.
Non-Permanent Fillers is the safe answer.

Miss Monica Berrangé

Centre Principle and Non-Surgical Practitioner