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Are you looking for whiter teeth? Do you want that boost of confidence that you get when you have the perfect smile? Then FACEmed are here to help. Based out of our safe, modern surgery in the heart of Essex, we have a vision of providing exceptional cosmetic work to all of our customers. We combine dentistry with day-stay surgery and non-surgical cosmetic procedures to suit the needs of all of our customers. One of the most popular treatments that we offer is high quality, reliable teeth whitening in Essex to help you get to the smile that you really want. Our teeth whitening in Essex can help to remove stains and brighten your teeth. 

Teeth Whitening in Essex?

Unfortunately, teeth whitening in Essex is not a quick fix, in fact, it takes consistent treatment over a period of two to three weeks to get the results that you’re looking for. Here at FACEmed, we always begin our treatment with a consultation, where we will determine if your gums are well enough to endure the whitening treatment and we will take a mould of your teeth. This is important because you don’t want to get any of the teeth whitening bleach gel onto your gums as it will corrode it. Once your retainer has arrived, we will show you how to apply the bleach gel and you will finish the treatment at home. You will need to consistently use the gel for four to eight hours a day for two to three weeks to get to the shade that you’re looking for. 

We use the enlighten range of whitening products as well as our own FACEmed Home Whitening System. These products are the best on the market, gently lightening your teeth with minimal risk of sensitivity. We carefully chose these products and we really believe that that is the best choice for teeth whitening in Essex. With these safe and effective treatments can brighten your teeth by up to 5 shades. 

Why do People Choose Teeth Whitening?

There are a number of reasons why you might want to invest in teeth whitening in Essex. Of course, one of these is that it gives you a serious self-confidence boost. A brighter, whiter smile gives you a chance to really enjoy your smile, which will really boost how you feel about yourself. It’s such a little and easy thing but it makes such a difference to how you feel, it’s really worth the investment.

Some people believe that teeth whitening in Essex damages your teeth; we believe this is a myth. Although it certainly can make your teeth feel slightly more sensitive, your mouth will be healthier after having this particular treatment. This is because the bleach gel can kill anything that might be damaging your mouth and it also removes any stains that can be preventing your mouth from remaining strong and healthy. You’ll notice that your mouth feels cleaner and healthier once you’ve used the teeth whitening in Essex.

Want to Understand More?

If you’re interested in teeth whitening in Essex, then look no further than FACEmed. We can ensure that you get the highest possible treatment in the safest possible manner. To arrange a consultation or to ask any questions, please contact us on 01268 833680 or write to us at enquiries@nullfacemed.co.uk.