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Composite bonding

new Smile – in a day!

Growing in demand and popularity over the last few years, composite bonded veneers are a convenient option for patients who want little fast effective results without the need to change their natural teeth. Whilst composite bonding works best combined with other treatments such as teeth straightening and teeth whitening, it is a versatile and cost effective treatment on its own for patients looking to change the look of their teeth – in just one day!

Composite bonded veneers consist of a thin layer of composite placed on the front surfaces of teeth in order to change the appearance of your smile. Teeth that are discoloured, chipped, rotated or spaced can be dramatically improved with composite bonding whether its a single tooth you wish to reshape or multiple.

Composite Bonding Treatment process

Initial assessment

At your first appointment you will have a full dental assessment including radiographs to ascertain your general dental and oral hygiene status. The dentist will explain whether or not you are a suitable candidate for composite bonding and also whether or not it is in fact the best course of action to achieve your end goal. At this stage, should you require any pre-treatment dental procedures in order that you are fit and ready for the treatment the dentist will incorporate this into a treatment plan for you. If you don’t have any additional dental requirements then you are ready to begin your treatment.

Smile-in-a-Day Composite Bonding Appointment

Unlike traditional porcelain veneers, composite bonded veneers can be completed in one sitting. Once you have agreed with the dentist which teeth will be bonded the dentist will ensure that the appropriate amount of time is booked for your treatment appointment so that you will leave with a new smile on the very same day. Unlike porcelain, the composite material allows the dentist the freedom and flexibility to design and create the shape and look of your new teeth with the ability to change the look as they go. In contrast, porcelain veneers cannot be moulded and shaped and are premade in a special laboratory after extensive design and planning.


It is impossible to place any specific time criteria to the length of time that composite bonded veneers should last and should a veneer become damaged or stained they will need to be replaced without delay. Composite veneers are susceptible to staining just like natural teeth. Impeccable oral hygiene of course contributes to the longevity of your composite veneers and also minimises any risks associated with staining, leakage or chipping. Composite veneers require regular polishing, unlike porcelain, composite loses its sheen over time – the timeframe is patient specific but can be estimated as approximately 2 polishes per year. More than ever, a strict regime of brushing, flossing and regular hygienist visits is highly recommended to get the most out of your beautiful new smile.

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Price Guide

Smile Evaluation & Treatment Proposal Free of charge
Composite Bonded Veneers £295 per tooth