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Dental Implants That Look & Feel Like Your Own Teeth

If your missing teeth are ruining your smile, then dental implants may be the solution for you.

Colour matched to your own teeth and held securely in place within your gum, dental implants offer you a solution that looks and feels like your own tooth.

Losing a tooth can be an emotionally challenging and upsetting event, with many people feeling they lose their confidence along with it. But you don’t have to hide your smile forever. Suitable for most patients with good oral health, a dental implant offers a permanent solution to your problem.

How dental implants work

In this procedure a high grade titanium rod is inserted into your gum and a beautiful, natural looking porcelain or ceramic tooth placed on top of it. Because it is anchored into your jaw it looks and feels totally natural, giving you the look and feeling of having your own teeth back again. 

The highest quality implants giving the best end result

Here at FACEmed Dental we’re dedicated to providing you with the very best treatments. There are many implant brands to choose from but after extensively researching and testing, our choice fell on Straumann- The global leader in implantology.

CT Scans – an innovative approach to implant treatments

Implants should always be performed with great precision and accuracy and CT scans allow us to do so. Our high quality CT scan machine is integrated with the implantology software, giving us the ability to use virtual imagery to place your implant. This helps us to plan and carry out your procedure to the highest standard and adhere to the strict protocol dictated by The General Dental Council.

Using this high spec technology we can ensure that your implant treatment is personally tailored to suit your needs and is implemented in the least invasive way possible. Using the information we gain from your CT Scan a special stent with the correct angle is made by a laboratory. In some cases your implant could be placed through the gum without making an incision or raising the gum.

A dedicated implant theatre and exceptional care

With FACEmed Dental you can be sure you’ll receive the highest standard of treatment. Your implant procedure will be carried out in our dedicated operating room, a sterile environment designed specifically for implant placement. With an experienced dental surgeon and a skilled anaesthetist you’ll be well cared for every step of the way.

Dr Sheth Profile photo

Dr Ketan Sheth

Profile phot of Alex Hadley

Dr Alex Hadley

Price Guide

Implant Consultation (1hr includes CT scan) deducted from cost of implant if treatment proceeds. £150.00
Implants (includes bone grafting if necessary) From £2800.00 per tooth