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 introduction to facetite®


Facetite® is the new minimally invasive alternative to the traditional surgical facelift. This revolutionary procedure is the ideal match for women and men in search of facial rejuvenation without the risks associated with traditional face/neck surgery such as post procedural swelling/bruising and scarring from large incision sites. Facetite® offers sagging skin/fat removal, skin tightening and skin lifting. Facetite® delivers radiofrequency heat energy ablation to areas of the face experiencing pockets of stubborn fat accumulation (jowls, double chins) due to the natural ageing process which slows down the body’s ability to produce elastin, the secret to keeping our skin taut and fresh. Facetite® dissolves excess fat tissue whilst stimulating elastin production to tighten the treated areas. It is the perfect solution for minimally sagging skin that would pose a risk of overtreating with traditional liposuction.

tHE procedure

Facetite® is a minor surgical procedure which is performed by a Consultant Plastic Surgeon under local anaesthesia. Twilight sedation can also be offered to patients for additional comfort but is not medically necessary. The procedure is completely pain free due to the intravenous local anaesthesia. Small puncture holes are made and the tip of the Facetite® handpiece is inserted into the area being treated (see image below). The surgeon will then slowly deliver radiofrequency heat energy ablation to the area in order to blast the fat cells and induce elastin production. There are no sutures required, a small puncture wound will remain post procedure and special cleansing instructions will be given. Downtime is on average one week with minimal risk of infection at the puncture site. A face garment is required to be worn for 3 days post procedure. The results of Facetite® are similar to that of a traditional facelift with the added benefit of continuous improvement for many weeks post procedure as the body responds over time to the radiofrequency by tightening (caused by the induced elastin production). In summary, Facetite® compared to a traditional facelift has many benefits – it is half the cost, there is minimum downtime and minimal scarring in comparison. Facetite® like most minor invasive procedures requires the patient to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain their result.

Image: Facetite® handpiece which is powered by the Inmode RF machine.


facetite® combination therapies

Facetite® is an effective procedure alone and can also be offered in combination with small volume liposuction to areas requiring additional fat removal. This is often the case with a ‘heavy’ neck or large ‘double chin’. The surgeon will advise you if this is necessary to achieve your desired result.

Morpheus8 microneedling with radiofrequency ablation can also be given at time of your Facetite® procedure and is also recommended 3 months post procedure. Whilst Facetite® treats fat and tightens under the skin, Morpheus8 treats the subdermal layers of skin leaving the outer layers of skin fresh, glowing and nicely contoured. Read more about Morpheus8 here. 

before & after photographs courtesy of inmode uk

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Your Facetite® Treatment Specialists:

Ms Kallirroi Tzafetta

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Price Guide

Initial Consultation (not refundable against procedure costs) £200.00
Facetite® Lower Face and Neck from £3250.00
Facetite® Full face including eyes and brows from £3250.00
Facetite® Full face (including eyes and brows)and neck from £4000.00
Morpheus8 additional (depending on area)  from £850.00
Twilight Sedation (optional) additional £650.00
Covid Test (required for all surgical patients)  additional £150.00


All treatments are paid in full at point of delivery.
No discounts applied for multiple treatments.

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