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What is it and what causes it?

Hallux Rigidus is a joint deformity of the big toe, caused by daily wear and tear. Usually there is reduced range and quality of joint motion and a bony lump over the joint.The joint subsequently becomes painful and the lump irritates against shoes. The cause of hallux rigidus is often trauma such as stubbing the toe. Changes then occur in the joint over time. 

What treatments can help?

Stiff soled shoes and insoles can often help. Injections of steroid or natural lubricants can help but may have short-lived effects. Most commonly performed surgery: debridement, cheilectomy or fusion.

Surgery involves either “cleaning up” the joint (debridement) , sometimes with small implants to replace damaged cartilage using Cartiva™ which is a proprietary polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) cryogel device that mimics natural cartilage. In later stages fusion of the big toe joint can provide permanent relief. Recovery is similar to that of bunion surgery (read here). 

How successful is surgery?

In an audit of 100 patients divided equally either having the joint cleaned up or fusion 86% was better with clean up and 93.3% with fusion. Please note that you will be asked to cease smoking for 6 weeks prior to surgery and 8 weeks post surgery in order to aid the healing process. 

Your Osteoarthritis of the big toe Specialist:

Mr Jason Nandlal

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