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Reconstructive Facial Surgery 

FACEmed’s PLastic & reconstructive surgeons are members of the british association of the plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons (bapras). 


Whether you need surgery due to a developmental difference, damage from trauma, infection or disease, we’ll make sure you get all the attention you need and the very best results.

Reconstructive and restorative surgery is highly specialised and requires a lot of skill, as it often involves renewing function as well as improving your overall look. 

A specialist interest in facial restoration

With a specialist interest in the aesthetic and functional restoration of the face, the orbit and eyelids, our Surgeons are dedicated to providing you with an improved quality of life through their comprehensive reconstructive service covering facial reconstruction, nasal reconstruction and oculoplastic surgery (the eyelids, eye socket and surrounding areas). 

Surgery tailored to meet your specific needs

Because reconstructive, restorative surgery is highly case-specific, we’ll tailor your surgery to meet your individual needs. You’ll get a one to one consultation with your surgeon so you can discuss your requirements and get all your questions answered.

Your Reconstructive Facial Surgery Specialists:

Ms Kallirroi Tzafetta

Ms Monica Fawzy

Mr Hagen Schumacher

Bhagwat Mathur