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Removal and peace of mind

If you have a moderate to large skin lesion, mole or skin tag that causes facial disfigurement or discomfort, then we can help you. Once the assessment is complete, if the skin lesion is of a complex nature, then you will be referred to the surgical department. Non suspicious skin lesions can be removed, but there is a risk of scarring. Because of this it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons of removal before committing to this medical procedure.


What are skin tags?

Skin tags (Acrochordons or Cutaneous Papilloma) are small, benign (non-cancerous) flaps of skin or protruding growths, that can appear anywhere on your body. They are usually flesh coloured and attached to the skin by a small peduncle or skin stalk.

Often found under your armpits, in your groin area, on your face, neck, chest or eyelids, they are harmless enough but can cause irritation. If your skin tag chaffs or rubs against your clothes or other parts of your body causing discomfort, you may want to consider removal. 

The procedure

Skin lesion removal is a simple in-clinic procedure. Carried out under a local anaesthetic, you are awake during the procedure, but the area the lesion will be removed from will be completely numb. Using a scalpel, surgical scissors or cauterisation the skin lesion is quickly and easily removed.

What you can expect

The procedure is quick to complete and usually free from complications. In most cases you will be left with a minimal scar which will fade significantly over time. 

Your Skin Lesions, Moles & Skin Tags Specialists:

Ms Kallirroi Tzafetta

Mr Hagen Schumacher


Please hover/tap on the images below to see the Before & After examples

Skin lesion

Skin lesion

Mole removal

Lesion removal

Potential side effects

Most procedures are problem free as complications of minor skin surgery are uncommon. The risk of complications can depend on the nature of the lesion, the exact type of procedure completed and other factors such as your general health and skin type.


Price Guide

Consultation with Plastic Surgeon (Non-refundable against procedure costs)

One skin tag


from £150.00

Multiple skin tags from £250.00
Mole removal from £300.00
Large or complex lesion surgical excision from £800.00
Vascular lesions from £300.00


Covid Test (required for all patients undergoing a surgical procedure)

from £250.00


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