Bruxism – teeth grinding treatment with Botox®

Bruxism is a habit that affects around 8-10% of the population. It is broadly characterized by grinding of the teeth and clenching of the jaw that causes tooth wear and breakage, disorders of the jaw (pain and limited movement) and headache. Most people grind and/or clench their teeth occasionally to a certain degree.

Bruxism is classified into awake bruxism and sleep bruxism.

Awake bruxism is characterized by involuntary clenching of the teeth and jaw bracing in reaction to certain stimuli.

Sleep bruxism is characterized by automatic teeth grinding with rhythmic and sustained jaw muscle contractions. Psychological disorders such as stress and anxiety are also known to exacerbate teeth grinding during sleep. In one study, around 70% of sleep bruxists related their nocturnal teeth grinding to stress and anxiety. Previous research findings also point to the possibility of a link between bruxism and the work environment.

Treatments by Monica Berrangé

Before - 3 treatments narrowing of the square jaw

3 treatments narrowing of the square jaw

Symptoms of Bruxism

Physical symptoms: headache, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) discomfort and muscle aches, facial myalgia (muscle pain), ear ache, tightness and stiffness of the shoulders, limitation of mouth opening and sleep disruption.

Headache seems to be the most commonly cited area of pain and it is estimated that bruxists are three times more likely to suffer headache than non-bruxists.

Individuals with long-standing bruxism appear to be more likely to have craniofacial pain than non-bruxists.

Oral symptoms: abnormal tooth wear, fracture of the teeth, inflammation and recession of the gums, excess tooth mobility and premature loss of teeth. Some of the adverse effects are short-term and disappear when the bruxism ceases. Others sadly, are long-term or even permanent.

Short-term effects of Bruxism

  • Headache - Bruxism sufferers are three times more likely to suffer from headaches

  • Facial myalgia (aching jaw & facial muscles)

  • Ear ache

  • Tightness/stiffness of the shoulders

  • Limitation of mouth opening

  • Sleep disruption

  • Sleep disruption of bed partner due to noise

  • Excess tooth mobility Inflamed & receding gums

Long-term effects of Bruxism

There is no specific cure for Bruxism and it is important to manage the consequences of the disorder.

Many of you suffer this excruciating pain several days a week, and whether this happens to you every week or a few times a year, there's a good chance that Botox® could help eliminate a major portion of your suffering.

Botox® is administered by intramuscular injection and the relaxing effects will last for 3-4 months. Recently, the therapeutic uses of Botox® have expanded exponentially to include a wide range of medical and surgical conditions. This has been aided by a greater understanding of its underlying physiology as well as improved efficacy and safety. The evidence on Botox® usage in non-cosmetic conditions of the head and neck is convincing and from research to date, we should consider botox to be just as effective as other treatments.

Monica routinely helps her patients to minimise clenching/ grinding of the teeth and reduce tension headaches and sleepless nights. Some of her patients are now headache free after decades of suffering. Even if your migraines or headaches are more complex and involve more than just your muscles, Botox® can eliminate the portion of your pain that comes from these muscles and might offer you some relief from your suffering.

  • Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (sometimes called TMJD or just TMJ)
  • Tooth wear and breakage
  • Tension headaches
  • Sleepless nights

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