Tip 1: Create a ‘Toothbag’ and get used to bringing it everywhere…
Suzie says that the ‘toothbag’ should contain a toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss and your aligner case. Keeping everything in one place will make it easier for you to grab and brush on the go!

Tip 2: Flossing!
Suzie can’t stress enough the importance of flossing every day 2-3 times per day. ‘This is so important and brushing just isn’t enough. You will find that you will want to floss so that when your aligners are put back in they feel comfortable and you don’t have to worry about food in between your teeth causing cavities’.

Tip 3: Eating Out
Maybe you’ve got an event to go to or a hot date. Don’t let your Invisalign get in the way of your plans. It’s not every day that you get to eat out but when you do you want to enjoy it! Suzie says ‘don’t feel guilty about taking them out for the entire time whilst you’re at a restaurant, it’s not going to affect your outcome just don’t forget to brush, floss and put them back in when you’ve finished your meal. This is where the ‘toothbag’ comes in handy – a quick trip to the loo and your back on track’.

Tip 4: Changing your aligners
Something your dentist might not tell you, but when changing your aligners Suzie has learnt that changing at night-time rather than first thing in the morning is always best. Sometimes when you put new aligners in they can be a little tight and uncomfortable until you get used to them. Changing them at night means any discomfort won’t disrupt your day and by sleeping with them for 8-9 hours gives them an opportunity to settle so that by morning time you’re ready to comfortably get on with your day.

Tip 5: Don’t Cheat!
If you think it’s ok to not brush your teeth or aligners ‘just one time’ after eating it’s not. Suzie recalls skipping a brush after eating a curry and thinking it would be ok to wait until she got home but arriving home she found that the aligners had changed colour to match the curry! Suzie explains that ‘the aligners can discolour, it’s really important to keep them super clean! Don’t try to cheat! Remember that every time you brush your teeth you must brush your aligners’.

Tip 6: Remove the aligners from the same place every time.
From experience Suzie recommends that when taking the aligners in and out do so from the back and remove from the same place every time. Suzie recalls her initial few weeks and says ‘I was taking them out and putting them back in from different places all the time and I didn’t realise how weak the aligner can become, one even snapped a little!’.

Tip 7: Commitment
The final tip from Suzie might be an obvious one but Suzie wants to stress to anyone embarking on this journey that ‘it is a huge commitment.’ ‘You need to commit yourself to the process 100%, don’t underestimate the brushing and flossing but it’s worth it to get the best results, it’s the best thing I ever did and I am delighted I made the choice to go with invisalign. I never thought I would physically see my teeth change so dramatically in such a short period of time’.

Dr Jan Einfeldt

Dentist & Platinum Invisalign Provider