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Ingrown toenail surgery

same day surgery for ingrown toenails

 Ingrown toenails are a common plight amongst people young and old. There are a number of contributing factors to ingrown toenails, the most popular being cutting the toenails to short or not straight across, wearing tight footwear, trauma or injury to the foot and many more. An ingrown toenail is easily detectable usually indicated by pain, swelling, redness and in some infected cases pus can be present. There are many ways to treat ingrown toenails whether it be conservatively with advice from a pharmacist or GP or by having a quick and effective surgical procedure to remove all or part of the nail. The best option for you will be discussed with you by one of our Podiatric Surgeons who offer a complimentary initial video assessment to all new patients. 





Should you choose to have surgery to correct the ingrown toenail, this can be arranged quite quickly after your initial video assessment with the podiatric surgeon. The most uncomfortable stage of the procedure is usually the initial local anaesthetic which is a quick injection given to numb the area. After this you will not feel anything whilst the surgeon works to remove part or all of the nail. The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes in total. After the procedure you will not be permitted to drive (until the local anaesthetic has completely worn off and if you are not in too much pain). You will be advised to manage your pain with over the counter pain relief such as paracetamol. You will be advised to wear loose fitting footwear or sandals. You will be required to clean the wound at home and you will be provided with dressings. You will need to do this until healing has taken place which varies from person to person and can take between 2-6 weeks. Time off work depends on your occupation and how quickly you can return to footwear. Most people return to a running shoe within a few days of surgery. 

Speak to a member of the FACEmed team for more information or to book your initial assessment. Call 01268833680 or email enquiries@nullfacemed.co.uk


Your Ingrown Toenail Surgery Specialists:

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Mr David Goyette

Mr Jason Nandlal

Price Guide

Initial Video Assessment Complimentary
Surgery for One Toenail £350.00
Surgery for Two Toenails £425.00
(more than two nails requiring surgery will be assessed and quoted on a case by case basis, please don’t hesitate to get in touch)