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But why is this? Lip enhancement is a relatively safe treatment, with the most common side effects being nothing more than minor swelling and minimal bruising. So then why are we seeing so many cases of it going horribly wrong?

Well, as the demand for lip enhancements has increased, so has the number of poorly trained or even untrained people offering to perform the treatment. From bad technique to unlicensed products, the risks of complications sky-rocket when you choose your medical practitioner poorly.

If you’re considering lip enhancements don’t let the scare stories put you off. As long as you choose a licensed, regulated and reputable clinic with highly-trained medical practitioners then there’s no reason for concern.

Here are 4 warning signs to look for when you choose the clinic or the clinician for your lip enhancement or hydration:

Warning Sign No 1 – They Are Cheap

Whilst you might like to save a few pounds, it’s unusual to find high standards and cheap in the same place. Medically trained professionals spend a lot on training, equipment, product, insurance and license. If you find someone offering the same service for less money, then you have to ask yourself why? Do they not consider themselves worth the going market rate? Or have they cut corners somewhere along the way to keep their costs down? Either way, cheap pricing is not a sign of good standards.

Warning Sign No 2 – They Work From Home, They Do Home Visits Instead Of Being Based In A Licensed Environment

Home treatments, or even worse ‘injectable parties’ is where most of the problems lie. Now I’m not saying all people who work from home are bad at what they do. There are many out there who are fully trained, skilled and insured. However, there are also many unqualified cowboys and without any training out there, working from their dining room with no qualifications or experience. They’ve watched a YouTube video, bought some unregulated product and they think they are good to go. If you choose an actual clinic instead of a freelancer, you can be sure that the person performing your non-surgical treatment has the knowledge and training they need to keep you safe and get you the best possible outcome.

Warning Sign No 3 – They Aren’t Accredited Or Registered With a Governing Body

A good clinic or medical practitioner will understand the importance of regulations and will have signed up to be a part of one or more accreditation bodies. These organisations vet, monitor and assess all their members to ensure that they meet their high standards, this is a very rigorous process. So if you find a person offering those treatments who isn’t on a medical register or accredited you have to ask yourself why? Is it because they don’t meet the standards?

Warning Sign No 4 – They Don’t REALLY Know Their Stuff

A good non-surgical practitioner will really know their stuff. Not only from their specialist training but from years of experience too. You should be able to have a free consultation and full photographic assessment to discuss your needs before you commit to the procedure. Ideally they’ll be able to answer all your questions, advise you on what products to use and what placement will work best with your features. You should leave your consultation feeling happy and informed. If you don’t feel certain, then look elsewhere.

I hope this has helped you understand what to look for in a good clinic. I’m a strong advocate of safe non-surgical procedures and your safety and quality of care is at the heart of everything I offer. If you’d like to find out more about me and my lip enhancement procedures just click here.

Monica Berrangé